Harvard University,
Kennedy School of Government
Cambridge, MA 02138
Multicultural Students Profile

The Kennedy School of Government is a professional school that prepares leaders for public service just as the Schools of Business, Law and Medicine serve their respective professions. The School offers two-year Master's degrees in Public Policy and Public Administration, as well as a one-year mid career Master in Public Administration, doctoral programs and executive education for public managers. The Kennedy School faculty is distinguished by its unique combination of scholars and practitioners, with expertise in public management, economics, and quantitative and qualitative analysis. The curriculum relies heavily on the case method, a teaching technique that requires the active participation of students. Students are also encouraged to cross-register at other Harvard graduate and professional programs, the Fletcher School at Tufts University, and at MIT. Students select from a variety of concentration areas, ranging from Business and Government to Health Policy. Graduates go on to careers in all levels of government, non-profit organizations, the media, international organizations, and the private sector. Financial aid, in the form of grants, loans, fellowships, and work-study is available on basis of need. The School also participates in the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program. The School is committed to recruiting Asian-American, Black, Hispanic and Native American students. Campus Organizations include the African Students Association, Asian-American Students Association, Latin American Students Association, Harvard Native American Program and the Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations. It strives to provide an environment where students are stimulated by social and cultural exchanges and by rigorous academic programs.

Over twenty-five years ago, the percentage of minority students at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges was a fraction of one percent. Today, minority students comprise over one-third of the total student population. We take pride in this significant change and in the profound impact that minority students and alumni have made on this community. Their contributions and their continued impact on society redefine opportunities and create new aspirations.

The Audrey and Stephen Currier Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Radcliffe Martin Luther King Scholarship provide funds for minority students on the basis of financial need.


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